About greenburn publishing and the work of David Unsworth.

Greenburn publishing launched in 2015 to showcase the photographic work of Angie and David Unsworth (see unsworthphotographic.co.uk). Under the imprint of greenburn publishing they produced a book of images from the English Lake District titled ‘Landscape for the Imagination’ which sold out quickly. Now dedicated to a series of walking guide books to the Scottish highlands greenburn publishing is owned by David Unsworth.
David Unsworth is an artist, illustrator, photographer and writer. After five years at art school, he has spent the last thirty years living and working amongst mountains. From the Lake District to the Scottish Highlands walking has always been a major part of his practice both for subject and inspiration.

David Unsworth in Coire Gabhail

Photographer / Designer

The Books

Off the beaten track walks

This new series of guidebooks provides a detailed study of some of the iconic mountains of the Scottish highlands. We include not just the standard walks on well made footpaths but also ‘off the beaten track’ routes as well. This book is a walking guide with the occasional mild scramble to add a little spice. We include the Munro summits and all the tops with interesting routes to all the subsidiary peaks.

With hand drawn Illustrations we have been able to include the features you need to use to navigate and exclude distracting shadows and colours.

We also had a definite vision of how the guidebook would look, both in its aesthetic and for the information contained within.  Classic mountain heritage deserves a classic look, and that is reflected in our design for the book throughout. For sample pages and illustrations take a look at the gallery page here:greenburnpublishing.co.uk/gallery/

As hill walkers in Scotland we have a unique and precious right to roam. There is freedom here to walk at will wherever we choose, without a hierarchy of trails. These books are the perfect guide for those wishing to explore these fabulous mountains.

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